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Welcome to Rockwood
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Meet the genius behind your visit

Judy Pletcher is the brain behind all the fun you'll have on your stay in Rockwood.  

Why did you start this? 
I had originally wanted to start a women's fitness center in Rockwood with my Daughter-in-law.  We were in the process of finding a place for the fitness center when we came to look at this old building.  It was love at first sight!  I thought "This place used to be beautiful; I will make it beautiful again!" and so I did! 

How long did it take? 
We purchased the building in late 1999 and opened with our first show in September of 2000.  It was brutal keeping everything to National Historic Registry code, but worth it. My husband Terri and I did most of the work with a little help from two electricians and carpenters.  

What's your favorite thing to eat in the Pizza Shop? 
My favorite pizza is the Sante Fe Pizza but I also enjoy our Baked Italian Sub.  

What's your favorite Ice cream? 
Rockwood!  We have our own ice cream here and it's amazing.    Maple Base, because Somerset County  has so many maple syrup farms, chocolate covered nuts, for rocks and pretzel chunks, for wood.  

Do you have a favorite stage show?
My favorite stage show is Phantom of the the Opera.  I think I melt every time I hear Music of the Night 

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